• Optimize Your Health

    You are a unique individual, with a unique genetic make-up, unique experience and a unique Path. That is why you need a one of a kind approach to your healthcare needs.

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  • Your Path To Health

    My Path Medical uses a patient-centered approach to address the whole person. What is the outcome? A plan that is formulated uniquely for you.

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  • Treat the Cause Not the Symptom

    Identify and address the root causes of health issues through an integrative approach. Find your path to optimal health and vitality.

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Welcome to
My Path Medical


We are located in the heart of Coolidge Corner in the historical S.S. Pierce Building.

Meet the Staff

We have a devoted team to help you along your path to good health.


  • “Dr. Lantsman is down to earth, intelligent, creative, and caring. She has a dynamic way of handling patient care, is very responsive, and keeps looking for answers where other doctors would just give up. I am so glad I found her!”

    - J.T.

  • “Recently I have become a patient of Dr. Katherine Lantsman. I was skeptical at first as I had seen so many MDs who did so many tests and offered no help or suggestion about my deteriorating health situation which, at that point, had left me nearly homebound. Since seeing Dr. Lantsman I have truly regained my life and my energy. I have a good relationship with Dr. Lantsman and, aside from the original problem I brought to her, she has helped me with multiple serious and complicated medical problems. She is accessible, creative and has never suggested that my medical issues are too complex or in some way impossible to address. She sincerely likes to help her patients feel better and feel better I do.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Lantsman to patients who are suffering and receiving medical care that is uninspired, unfriendly or just unhelpful.”

    - D.W., Newton, MA

  • “Dr. Lantsman is a gifted physician. Her approach is mindful, broad in perspective and proactive about health rather than reactive. As a diagnostician, she pulls from multiple disciplines, not limiting the lens through which she views a patient to traditional Western medicine. She simply does not settle for the easy-out or first solution, but works with her patients, within their principles, toward the attainment of authentic health.”

    - J.B.

  • “Dr. Lantsman’s medical skill set is superb. She investigates her patients’ health problems to a much greater extent than other doctors and offers her patients a variety of solutions. She communicates very clearly with her patients and most importantly listens and responds to their concerns.

    Dr. Lantsman treats her patients as human beings, caring not only for their physical health, but also for their overall well being (emotionally, etc.). She has the best bedside manner – better than I’ve seen from most other doctors.  She remembers details about her patients’ lives, asks how things are going, and truly listens. You don’t just feel like a medical file when you visit her — you feel like a person.

    While I’m conditioned to believe in Western medicine, Dr. Lantsman has introduced to me to integrative approaches (that blend Western medicine with natural approaches) that I find refreshing. She has helped me become more conscious of factors in my life that affect my overall well being.

    I’ve recommended Dr. Lantsman to my family and friends.  My best friend and my spouse are also her patients, and I’m confident they are receiving the very best care.”

    - J.W.

  • “As an elite athlete I pay close attention to my body and need it to be healthy to maximize my performance. I sought out Dr. Lantsman because I wasn’t feelling well and not recovering from workouts. Through her integrative approach Dr. Lantsman was able to diagnose several vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalances that when corrected allowed me to maximize my performances and decrease recovery time.”

    - T., Boston, MA