Pizza Party

My husband and I were invited to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate our friend’s birthday. When we looked up the restaurant we were invited to, it was a gourmet pizza restaurant in Cambridge.

From the sound of the restaurant, we thought there would be many different dinner options for us to chose from besides pizza.

My husband and I stay on gluten free and cow’s dairy free diet. I personally do it by choice, to prevent chronic diseases that can arise from gluten and cows products in diet. Once in a while I eat gluten for the lack of options. We eat gluten free pizza probably twice per year, since we also eat a diet low in grains. Hoping for the best, we came to the restaurant only to find out that indeed the menu was a bit limited, with no gluten free options.

After sharing many delicious salads and soup, the birthday party decided to order… PIZZAs. What’s a hungry person to do…that particular evening I did not feel like trying to create the best of the situation, ordering a large salad and protein to avoid eating pizza. Both of us went with the crowd, truly enjoyed the pizza with its creative toppings, and went home with a particularly full feeling in our bellies.

The following morning we both woke up 2 hours earlier than usual. I still had a feeling of fullness that became more of a discomfort, and could not sleep because of that. I learned my lesson the hard way – to stay on the same diet that I know works for me even at a gourmet pizza restaurant.

Stay healthy,
Katherine Lantsman, MD