Food Allergies: Testing and Treatment

When we hear “ food allergies”, what comes to mind is a person eating peanuts, his throat closing and he is rushed to Emergency Room for anaphylactic shock treatment.  This type of food allergy is actually extremely rare.  What is exceedingly common is a delayed reaction to foods, which may take up to three days to manifest.  This type of food allergies can cause weight gain, joint pain, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, autoimmune diseases, and overall increase total body inflammation.  Inflammation that can also potentiate heart disease, diabetes and cancers.


My Path Food Allergy Testing

At My Path we believe food can be the greatest medicine of all.  Foods we are allergic to can be harmful.  We use a specialized test to look at body’s delayed reaction to foods, called IgG food allergy testing.  We then carefully review the data and recommend interventions.

We continuously see benefits of IgG food allergy testing to our clients.  If you want to reduce overall inflammation in your body, and prevent or treat illness, ask us about IgG food allergy test.