Functional Medicine

You are a unique individual, with a unique genetic make-up, unique experiences and a unique path. That is why you need a one-of-a-kind approach to your healthcare needs.

Functional Medicine is a customized patient-centered approach, where the physician treats the whole person. Following a thorough and thoughtful evaluation, a treatment plan is established treating current symptoms. Patients will also receive the tools necessary to maintain wellness and prevent future chronic illness.

Under our current healthcare system the typical western medicine physician spends limited time with patients. The doctor simply takes patient symptoms and puts them under an umbrella of a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is established, there are prescription drugs or a standard generic protocol that fall into place. This is a diagnosis-centered approach for the masses, where the physician treats a diagnosis and not the unique individual as a whole. Functional medicine seeks to remedy this traditional method of patient interaction and care.

A physician armed with functional medicine tools takes the time to investigate all aspects of a patient. Some of the aspects analyzed are the patient’s development, life stressors, health history, traumatic events, sleep, diet, social comfort and exercise regimen.
A functional medicine physician evaluates all the functions and malfunctions of a patient by conducting a thorough physical exam and ordering specialized medical tests. Only then does the doctor recommend a plan for a better path forward. This may include a western medicine approach with prescription medications. These medications may be complemented by other recommendations, such as nutritional supplements, diet changes, stress reduction, hormonal balancing, detoxification and others.

We are committed to Functional Medicine at My Path Medical. We strive to provide this level of service to every patient visiting our practice.