Website Links

Local resources we highly recommend and use ourselves:

1. Meditation and stress reduction.  We have clients in each of the schools listed below and we see good results in every single school.  Each school has different goals and asks for different levels of commitment.  See which one works best for you.
In depth School of Meditation
Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH
Group Meditation drop in classes
Stress reduction program, meditation

2. Feng Shui.  We have used several Feng Shui specialists in the past and found Natalia at Eastern Sciences to be truly special, resourceful, and intuitive.  If you want to build or remodel a house, create a supportive environment, or attend a workshop and learn how to do it yourself, see the website below.
Feng-shui specialist in Boston area.

3. Holistic Gynecology
Dr. Gary Gross, an open minded gynecologist in Boston area.
Dr. Andrew Silverman, a holistic GYN, specialist in infertility and gender selection located in NY area.

4. Yoga studios
Hot yoga and Pilates (Masaaki is our favorite instructor there – he mixes yoga and philosophy)

5. National resources we highly recommend and use ourselves:
Celiac information
Andrew Weil, MD
Data on environmentally safe produce and products
Institute for Functional Medicine
The integrative Lyme society
Natural health
Organic gardening