Who Should See Us

You want to maintain your wellness

A part of our practice is devoted to people who are well and are looking to maintain wellness or achieve optimal health. Functional Medicine evaluation at My Path Medical leaves no stone unturned looking for potential predispositions of chronic illness such as nutritional deficiencies, toxic exposures, hormone balancing and genetic differences. We then create a personalized treatment plan of diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications. This customized approach to wellness maximizes vitality, increases performance, and prevents chronic disease.

You want treatment options

Some patients we see at My Path Medical come to us with already established diagnoses. Examples are hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, elevated cholesterol, hypothyroid, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and irritable bowel syndrome. These patients already have prescribed medications from their doctors but are looking for more holistic solutions that examine the root causes of their issues. Some come for a second opinion, looking for answers to their symptoms that do not fit standard diagnostic criteria. We evaluate these patients using functional medicine tools and address issues using both western and alternative therapies, along with lifestyle modifications

Our practice is for people who:

  • Are serious about their health
  • Want treatment options
  • Have health problems that no one seems to figure out
  • Want to be in charge of their health
  • Want a holistic approach to health
  • Want to improve athletic performance

You have Ongoing Chronic Illness

A lot of patients we see have already had extensive workup and treatments done by multiple doctors and specialists. These patients have been told that nothing else can be done for them or they look well and are malingering their symptoms. Some of the patients have been given diagnoses but conventional medicine failed to help them. Others have symptoms so complicated that their doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with them. If this sounds familiar visit My Path to uncover the route cause of your symptoms and to make your body more functional. We use a functional medicine approach to sustained wellness.

Our practice is for people who:

  • Have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue and want functional solutions
  • Feel tired and have difficulty losing weight
  • Want more than just antibiotics for tick borne illness
  • Have irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease and want it treated effectively rather than covered by band-aides
  • Have hypothyroid that cannot get regulated by standard medication options and are looking for a comprehensive approach to treatment
  • Have arthritis and want to find the source of your health problem

You need male hormone therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is not just for women. Men can also gradually experience loss of hormones, mainly testosterone. It is called andropause and is more commonly known as “male menopause.” We see men as young as 30 with symptoms of andropause. Some of the symptoms are decreased sex drive, reduced sex performance, fatigue, decreased stamina, weight gain. More subtle symptoms include bone and cardiovascular dysfunctions and increased cholesterol levels. At My Path we treat hormones naturally, working with compounding pharmacies to customize treatments for each individual patient.

You are looking for women’s health

Women experience large shifts in hormonal levels before, during and after menopause. At My Path Medical we treat this group of patients by carefully balancing their estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and adrenal and thyroid glands. We use only natural or bio-identical hormones, rather than hormones derived from horse urine (Premarin), that differs greatly from human hormones.