Your Visit

My Path Medical uses a patient-centered approach to address the whole person. What is the outcome? A plan that is formulated uniquely for you, that supports wellness, prevents illness, finds and treats underlying causes of diseases, and helps you reach optimal health.

The initial visit

As a new patient of My Path Medical, you should expect a very different approach to your health. You will meet Dr. Lantsman who will perform a detailed review of your medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. We will order any appropriate tests in order to diagnose critical issues you may be having and determine the best course of treatment. We will also review your current diet and exercise regimen and possibly recommended modifications. Generally, your first visit will last two hours, however this depends on the complexity of issues being presented.

Follow up visits

We schedule follow up visits as needed to make sure you’re progressing with your treatment plan and are maintaining your new path to wellness. During follow up visits we review lab findings and initiate your treatment or make changes. For certain conditions, such as tick-born illness, we require a monthly follow up. Follow up visits are usually one hour. All patients are required to be seen in the office at least once per year to be maintained as an active patient.

How do I pay for my visit?

Payment is expected at the end of each visit. We accept cash, check and major credit cards. We make special consideration for those who are in financial need. Please discuss this prior to your initial visit.

Visit Cost

Visit Cost: Visit cost is determined by the length of the visit based on the hourly rate of $540 per hour. Initial visits for tick born illness takes on average 2+ hours and range from $1080+. Initial visits for wellness of other issues takes 1.5 to 2+ hours and range from $810-$1080+. There may be additional costs due to lab draws, laboratory tests, supplements, etc.

Telemedicine visits or extended emails are subject to the $540 hourly fee. This fee does not cover additional tests, procedures, supplements, and medications that may result from your visit.

Cancellation Policy

Please note our cancellation policy. We kindly request five business days notice for new patient appointments and 3 business days notice for follow-up visits and phone consults. You will be charged for your appointment if you cancel after the specified timeframe. For initial visits, patients will be charged $540 and for follow-up appointments, patients will be charged $270 for missed appointments. Exceptions will be made for medical emergencies if you provide official documentation.

When you book a new patient appointment, we will take your credit card information. We will hold this information on file in case of a breach in our cancellation policy. We will NOT charge your card unless you do not adhere to our cancellation policy.


We offer a variety of supplements for purchase through My Path Medical. You can also purchase supplements at your local health food store, such as Whole Foods, or on the Internet.

  • Blood draw $25
  • Nutreval blood draw $45
  • Handling of a testing kit $10
  • Rapid Strep $10
  • Urine Dip $10
  • Fecal occult blood $10
  • Vitamin B12 Injection $20
  • Glutathione 1g injection $65, 2g injection $85
  • BOTOX is priced per unit used
  • Vitamin C IV 35 grams $150
  • Reviewing forms $25. Forms requiring in depth information will be billed at hourly rate of $540

Health insurance plans

In order for My Path Medical to provide our patients with optimal and independent service, we do not accept any health insurance plans or Medicare/Medicaid. However, we will provide itemized receipts with proper codes, documenting each visit. Most of our patients who have health insurance plans with out-of-network benefits and who have reached their deductible are partially reimbursed by their health plans. The reimbursement rate depends on individual health plan policies. Also, our services fall under most flexible medical spending programs. Phone, Skype, email services are not reimbursed by health plans/nor are subject to most flexible medical spending programs. Please consult your health insurance company for further details on your out-of-network benefits.

Laboratory tests

Please make sure to find out ahead of time if your health insurance plan covers blood work done for routine exams only, or for illness/diagnoses only or both. Also find out which lab companies are covered (LabCorp or Quest, etc.). Additionally, please see if your insurance covers blood work if it is drawn at our office (out of network provider) or at a lab facility only. This is important as blood work can get very expensive, and by knowing ahead of time the structure of your insurance, you can avoid unnecessary bills. The office is not responsible for laboratory bills. If we recommend functional medicine tests (which are partially covered by some health plans) we will discuss the cost of each test with you prior to ordering.

Prescription coverage

Most prescription medications we use are covered by health plans (subject to individual health insurance agreements). In some cases, where a certain medication is not covered and is very expensive, we will substitute for a more affordable medication or one that is covered by your individual health plan.

Things to bring to your first visit

Comfortable clothing for an easy examination. Supplements or medication you are currently taking. Please bring the actual bottles. Please bring copies for office use. We charge 75 cents per copy page in the office. Three day food diary to help us understand your diet. For example – instead of “coffee” – “one cup of caffeinated coffee and one teaspoon of sugar.” Health insurance information for your blood tests Typed/written personal history for your visit

Phone Consultations

For the convenience of our patients who have to travel a long distance to reach our office, we offer appointments over the phone. Phone consults are billed at the $540 hourly rate. For rescheduling or canceling phone consults, we require 3 business days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled appointment or a “no-show” fee may apply. Exceptions will only be made for appointments that are cancelled with a valid proof of an emergency.

Preparing for your next appointment

Please track and record your symptoms and improvements from the time of your last appointment and bring them to your next appointment. Please bring a complete list of medications, supplements and vitamins to each visit as well as the doses you are taking. Please also bring your dosing schedule. Please come with a prepared list of questions you may have in order of priority. Your visits are billed according to time and level of care.

Office hours

  • Monday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Additional office hours available according to needs of our patients

How to book an appointment?

The appointment line is 617-996-0074, or you can email

Fees and Insurance

My Path Medical is out-of-network with all insurance companies and we collect payment by check or credit card at the end of each visit.

We recommend that all patients contact their insurance providers ahead of their first appointment to confirm coverage for laboratory services as well as any out-of-network coverage as we will provide medical receipts for each visit.

Appointments are billed at an hourly rate of $540 per hour. This applies to both, office visits and telemedicine. For private secure messaging with Dr. Lantsman, outside the normal scope of refill requests, a monthly fee of $140 will apply.

Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is an annual program – which includes a yearly office visit ($540) and one year of BHRT management -$1750. This  includes direct communication with the doctor, prescription consultation and hormone lab reviews.  This annual program begins on the date when you sign up.

Medicare – Dr. Lantsman has opted out from Medicare. Medicare will not reimburse for your visits. In compliance with federal legal guidelines, Medicare patients must sign a waiver stating they will not submit any claims for their services to Medicare.

Printable Forms

New Patient Forms

Continuing Patient Forms

Suggested Websites

Local resources we highly recommend and use ourselves:

Meditation and stress reduction.

We have clients in each of the schools listed below and we see good results in every single school. Each school has different goals and asks for different levels of commitment. See which one works best for you.
In depth School of Meditation
Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH
Group Meditation drop in classes
Stress reduction program, meditation

Feng Shui

We have used several Feng Shui specialists in the past and found Natalia Kaylin at Eastern Sciences to be truly special, resourceful, and intuitive. If you want to build or remodel a house, create a supportive environment, or attend a workshop and learn how to do it yourself, see the website below.

Natalia Kaylin Feng Shui Consulting & Design –


Yoga studios
Hot yoga and Pilates (Masaaki is our favorite instructor there – he mixes yoga and philosophy)

National resources we highly recommend and use ourselves:
Celiac information
Andrew Weil, MD
Data on environmentally safe produce and products
Institute for Functional Medicine
The integrative Lyme society
Natural health
Resource on MTHFR Mutation