Why do I need supplements if I eat whole foods?

Eating a whole food diet is not enough to provide an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins for optimal health.  Why?  Soils used for agriculture are depleted of nutrients and minerals.  Produce travels a long time before it reaches our table and loses some nutrients in transit.  When products undergo processing, they lose their nutrients.  Certain food additives compete with our bodily stores of nutrients, such as bromide in some breads, vegetable oils, pesticides, etc. –  compete with iodine, a vital nutrient for thyroid, breast and esophagus.  Due to overwhelming use of antibiotics, painkillers, antacids, steroid inhalers, birth control pills, and other medications in our modern society, our gastrointestinal system often has diminished ability to digest foods and absorb nutrients.  If that was not enough, certain genetic mutations reduce our ability to absorb certain nutrients that are essential for health.

For all these reasons we find the use of nutritional supplements an integral part of staying well, preventing and treating disease.

Which supplements do I need?

After carefully evaluating your unique biochemistry and genetics, we are able to customize minerals, nutrients, herbs, medical foods, and nutraceuticals that can serve as a solid base for wellness, or can be used as a safe treatment option for certain medical conditions.

Does it matter which brands of supplements I use?

The answer is – yes. There are thousands of brands of supplements on the market.  At My Path, we only recommend the highest quality products that are safe, free of toxins and synthetic ingredients. We’ve done extensive research on the limited number of supplements we recommend and have experienced excellent results. We use only the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Orthomolecular, Metagenics, Xymogen, Design for Health, and others.

Where can I purchase supplements My Path recommends?

For the convenience of our patients, we carry supplements in our office and we also ship supplements to our patients.