Chronic Diseases

We are committed to helping you reverse chronic disease by uncovering and treating its root causes.

Arthritis, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, depression, anxiety, cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders… – there is a long list of chronic diseases. They all have one thing in common – each of them has an appropriate corresponding medication.  So, if we have to treat 133 millions of Americans with at least one chronic disease, that is one out of two adults, we can just keep dispensing appropriate medicines. That is how modern medicine treats chronic conditions, and that is how cost of modern medicine in the United States is highest on the planet.

At My Path we recognize that there are underlying causes for each condition, and sometimes one underlying cause can create many chronic conditions.  So, if we find and address a specific underlying cause – we no longer need medicines and their numerous side effects altogether.

There are many causes that lead to chronic diseases, such as diet, food allergies and sensitivities, environmental and food toxins, heavy metals, lack of sleep and exercise, social relationships, stress, alcohol and smoking.  Each of us is unique and different factors affect us differently, manifesting in different ailments.  At My Path we recognize that and instead of using a one-size-fits-all standard of care we treat each person individually.  Come and experience it first hand!