My Path to Conquering Depression/Anxiety and other Mood Disorders

We uncover and correct the causes that create symptoms of depression and anxiety.

20-40% of people in the US over 18 are labeled to have major depression at least once in their lifetime. It does not matter that drugs used for depression cause weight gain and reduce sex drive, nor does it matter that most people find antidepressants poorly effective. Depression, the most common mood disorder, is a new and well-coined term that sells $12 billion worth of prescription drugs per year in the US.

At My Path we know that symptoms that fall under “depression” can be due to a variety of causes. On a biochemical level it is a compilation of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, occult infections, heavy metals, and hormonal imbalances that create symptoms that are misdiagnosed and mistreated on a massive level. We can help you find and address the causes of your symptoms and ultimately conquer mood disorders.