Laboratory Tests

At My Path Medical we use many alternative/specialty laboratories that provide a much clearer picture of your health. Traditional labs like Labcorp and Quest only go so far. Through our years using specialty labs, we feel they have consistently produced superior data and provided better patient outcomes.

Some of the laboratory tests we use are:

Food Allergy Sensitivity

Food allergy tests measure your sensitivity to specific foods.  High level of IgG antibodies can identify specific foods that contribute to various chronic health conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues and many others. Benefits from measuring your levels of IgG antibodies to foods go beyond typical IgE food allergy testing that is done by most allergists.  For more information visit:;

Heavy Metals

Toxic metals, such as mercury and lead, can adversely affect many bodily functions and contribute to fatigue, autoimmune diseases, and neurological and psychiatric illness.  We use specialized tests that show body stores of toxic metals over a long period of time.  Commonly done tests for toxic metals only estimate ongoing heavy metal exposure. For example, if you ate a lot of tuna fish in the past three months your mercury level will be elevated on a routine heavy metal screen. However, if you had mercury exposure years ago and now store it in solid tissues of your body, a routine mercury screen test will not show it.  For more information please visit;

Nutritional Evaluation

Many patients can greatly benefit from a nutritional evaluation. Nutritional evaluations are not only recommended for patients with chronic illness, fatigue and other complicated medical issues. Athletes looking to improve performance and patients seeking to maintain wellness will also benefit from nutritional testing.

NutrEval is a new generation of tests that assesses insufficiencies of certain essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.  Based on the results we can prepare a multi-mineral/multi-vitamin formula.  This individualized supplementation may be covered by insurance, depending on individual patient policies.  For more information please visit

Bowel Function

We utilize specialized stool tests that go far beyond the routine stool tests done in primary care or gastroenterology offices.  These tests evaluate digestion, absorption, gut flora and the colonic environment. They also examine parasites using microscopic examination and EIA or DNA testing. The profile is indicated for all chronic GI problems, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and many others.  For more information please visit

Hormones Therapies

Expanded thyroid tests, most male and female hormone tests, and some adrenal hormone tests are done through routine laboratories and are covered under most insurance policies.

The adrenal cortisol test is done via saliva.  Constant stress can lead to very low cortisol levels and feeling fatigued. High levels of cortisol can affect sleep and immune function.  Adrenal issues are addressed with botanicals, neutraceuticals and lifestyle modifications.  For more information please visit

We also run tests that look at the estrogen balance of beneficial and potentially harmful estrogen metabolites in both pre- and post-menopausal women.  This information is relevant for women with a history or family history of breast cancer as well as women seeking prevention of breast cancer.  For more information please visit

Genomic Profiles

We evaluate genetic mutations that are responsible for aging, such as genes of methylation pathways.  We also utilize other genetic profiles to look at genetic factors for cardiovascular risks, immune and inflammatory conditions, impaired detoxification capacity, estrogen metabolism, bone formation and bone breakdown.  For more information visit;

Tick Born Illness

We utilize expanded profiles from national labs, such as Lab Corp and Quest, as well as highly specialized labs, to evaluate the presence of Lyme and its many co-infections.