Optimal Aging

Our comprehensive approach to proactive aging leads to higher quality of life, prevents diseases of aging, and focuses on your optimal health.

Feeling tired, achy, having more weight and less stamina – “Nothing can be done, it’s your age!”  All too often we hear this from our doctors.  Wouldn’t it be great if they could just write a prescription for aging! Regrettably, the fountain of youth has yet to be discovered and there is no medication you can take for getting older.

At My Path we have developed our own “prescription” for proactive aging.  That is, a comprehensive approach to each element that makes up aging.

Our 7 step program looks at genetics, immune system specific nutrition, methylation, hormonal balancing, biochemical pathways analysis, toxic burden, sleep and spirituality.  All of these make up a pallet of aging gracefully.

We invite you to become proactive about your aging and preserve stamina, prevent diseases of aging and continue your high quality of life with our program.