Stress Reduction

We strive to help you manage stress on two levels, biochemical and spiritual.

Stress drains energy from every system in the body, causing many new illnesses as well as exacerbating chronic conditions.  Stress results in the prevailing majority of all doctor’s visits (some estimate it at 70% to 90% of all visits) in the United States.  Stress also reduces work performance. After all, if you’re running away from a tiger there is very little time to think.

Restful sleep, effective exercise, healthy diet, and meditation are four pillars of stress reduction.  We also go beyond that and research your stress on a biochemical level. We look for depleted nutrients and seek to balance hormones, such as adrenals, that produce cortisol, a stress hormone.

If you want more than advice to “relax” and “eat better,” let us help you reduce stress on biochemical and spiritual levels, personalized just for you.